Each second that passes is another chance to turn it all around
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Each Second That Passes Is Another Chance To Turn It All Around

Each second that passes is another chance to turn it all around

The power of choice.

Something we all possess, all have the capacity for. Our dreams, our goals, our purpose, our struggles, being a good human – these are often rooted in knowing (or rather being more certain in knowing) what choice to make.

Uncertainty is often what holds us back. Self-doubt, mistrust, survival, fear…

However, uncertainty is inevitable. We can actually never be certain of anything. Certainly anything outside ourselves, and when you think about it, we can’t always be sure of our own thoughts either. So we kinda need to find a way through it.

Experience, trauma, learned behaviour, they all have a way of impacting how we think, feel and perceive. Influencing our lives and shape-shifting our realities, from seemingly insignificant day to day decisions to more obvious life altering ones. Curbing our innocence, our sense of self and our freedom to choose wisely. To be who we want to be.

We are not defined by anything. Stuff that’s happened to us, our past, our genetics, diagnosis’s, abilities or disabilities. With each second that passes we have an opportunity to turn life on its head. We can choose anything. Go against fear. Not listen to the subconscious narrative in our mind. Give love to trauma and the middle-finger to self-doubt.

All it takes is a second, it’s an empowering realisation. Accepting it, we see uncertainty in a positive light. ‘What if?’ becomes full of potential rather than loaded with stumbling blocks.

Learning, going inward, exposing ourselves to alternative views and ideas. Taking chances, however small, are significant steps to being confident in who we are, what we want in life and going for it.

It can be a challenge to trust in our instincts, to follow our hearts and believe in ourselves again if our choices have lead to hurtful shit in our lives. But we can. Having trust in that visceral core feeling within us is our root to knowing self, happiness, purpose and choice.

In the seconds that pass, may we all find more self-belief and trust. More faith and courage. Turning uncertainty and all that comes with it into the freedom of being.

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