Validate yourself
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Validate yourself

Validate yourself

Let’s face it, life can feel pretty shit at times, one of the shittiest McShit Shits of places to be is feeling unseen and unheard as you wait for apology, empathy, compassion, respect or validation that may never come.

Because if you have to wait, if you have to ask, if you have to over explain, chances are you’re barking up the wrong Monster. And by ‘wrong’ I don’t mean ‘bad’, I just mean unable to give you what you need, at least for now, but maybe never. These are the times we’re challenged to accept things that we may not want or be able to (which is perfectly okay btw), where validating self, our own experience, truth and existence becomes all we can do.

Validating self is a wonderful strength, but we deserve validation from other human beings, particularly those we’re close to, ya know, cuz we’re human too.

Sometimes people just can’t give us that, which we need to accept as sign, not necessarily that someone is trying to harm us, not necessarily that they don’t care, respect, love or value us, not necessarily that we can’t hold space for them in our life, just the acceptance that for whatever reason the capacity isn’t there to give us what we need when we need it. It doesn’t mean they don’t in other ways, ways we may not see or appreciate.

Don’t take it personally, don’t resent, don’t feel worthless, unseen, unheard, too sensitive, that you’re a bad person or that you’re asking for too much. You’re not. Respect and validation are rights we all share and need fulfilled as human beings to feel as though we belong and are valued. Sometimes you just need to find it elsewhere or give it to yourself, to validate your own feelings, ideas, intuition, experiences, dreams, words, actions and choices, so you can maintain your own equilibrium and integrity. Regardless the outcome and reaction of other humans.

Validate yourself, because sometimes people simply don’t have it in them. And that’s okay, because we don’t need them to.

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