Healing trauma is not…
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Healing is not...

Healing trauma is not…

We need to be gentle with trauma, sensitive and compassionate in how we approach it’s presence, especially other peoples.

But there are also moments in life where we all need to strap on our big Monster pants and face facts, speak hard truths to self and others, say enough is enough and call trauma out, acknowledge, accept and deal with it.

Which we do, when we’re aware of the need and have the will to act.

Monsters have touched on Cory’s words many times before. Healing our traumas isn’t about reliving the moment that it entered our soul, but that’s so often the fear or denial we have within the shroud of blame and our victim mindset that prevents us choosing to enter into active healing of self and moving forward.

That’s the hardest part to get beyond because it requires an immense leap of faith and recognition of self and the truth that some of our perceptions, thoughts, feelings, words and actions have been misdirected and harmful, to not only us, but others too. And whilst it’s trauma driving our wagon, it’s our responsibility to take the reigns.

Healing in a nutshell is like reconnecting the spirit of our true self with our physical presence in the here and now. Taking control of self (being accountable). Dragging our wounded inner child from the past into the land of the living…above the hurt and traumas we carry, the comfort of control, the unconscious need to protect when we don’t need to, disassociating all that from us, our environment and other people, knowing it’s our emotions bonded to trauma that have been harming and directing us and our life.

When we acknowledge and commit to healing our wounds we bleed out less, we exist in the present, seeing clearly again we live, trust and love freely, we define and truly proceed on our own terms, not the terms of past hurt or the lessons we learned from those who do not represent who we truly are or what we want, value and believe.

It’s then we recognise those who are there with us, those who want, value, believe in and love us too. For who we are beneath the masks of trauma.

Do not fear trauma, kick it’s ass.

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