Don’t shift blame, it’s worse than the thing you did
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Don't shift blame, it's worse than the thing you did

Don’t shift blame, it’s worse than the thing you did

A little inspiration from Monsterville – don’t shift blame.

It’s obvious and more hurtful, disrespectful and invalidating than the actual shitty thing you did to the person calling you out on your shit.


Monster A: “You make me sound like a right evil c*nt.”

Monster B: “No, no, I’m simply describing to you what you said, what you did. So your perception that it’s me making you soooound like a c*nt, is you recognising that perhaps you were one (in that moment)…but deflecting those uncomfortable feelings of shame back at me, blaming me (for what you did and how you feel about that).”

Get it?


Monster A: “Damn, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Monster B: “I appreciate that, don’t treat me like that again.”

Monster A: “I won’t.” (They don’t).

Get it?

C’mon peeps, Monster-up. In an ideal world we should all know better than to do the shitty thing we said or did in the first place. But we all make mistakes, it’s what we do about them that counts – acknowledgement, acceptance, accountability and then a change in behaviour. Do people a solid; when you fuck up – be an adult – don’t bypass your guilt and conscience out of self-preservation aka protecting your own ego. Instead, recognise someone other than yourself for a second and OWN YOUR SHIT.

Don’t be c*ntish (but if you are) be accountable.

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