Life lesson No.66
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Life lesson No.66

Life lesson No.66

“Using a positive mindset to override underlying trauma is like playing loud music to muffle the cries of suffering outside of your window.”

Credit: @corymuscara (Thanks for the inspiring words 🤙)

I’m not in the habit of ripping-off other peoples words of wisdom and giving them the Monster treatment, but these ones by Cory are very close to my heart, because in my environment this is precisely what happens and it’s excruciating to be on the receiving ended of it.

Sometimes it’s a matter of why reinvent the wheel ya know. Sharing in wisdom is how we humans grow and make the world a better place after all (I hope he doesn’t mind).

We cannot run or hide from trauma. We cannot deny or ignore its presence. We cannot avoid or excuse it bleeding out on those around us. We cannot play victim when it’s us who’s causing harm. We cannot bypass our accountability for healing self.

Trauma sucks ass fact, it ain’t pretty for any of us. But it’s there, we’ve gotta deal with it. If we don’t, we abuse people.

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