Heal yourself before you let anyone too close
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Heal yourself before you let anyone too close

Heal yourself before you let anyone too close

The capacity human nature has for empathy and compassion knows no bounds.

There are people out there with the understanding, love and support to help and inspire us to heal from the torments we face (and have faced) in our lives. To show us something different to what we’ve been taught or have experienced before.

But as fellow humans we too have a responsibility – self. We’re all accountable for healing our own wounds, living by our own values, taking care of our own minds and bodies, regardless of those able and willing to do so with us.

There will always be growth in entering new relationships (for all involved), it’s our job to be active in our healing before, during and after them (if things go pear-shaped). To take charge of our own lives, our own purpose, values and identity as human beings.

No exceptions. No excuses.

Thanks to @moonsoulchild for the inspirational words.

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