Arrogance And Fear Prevent Us From Learning The Greatest Lesson Of All – It’s Not About Us
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Arrogance And Fear Prevent Us From Learning The Greatest Lesson Of All - It’s Not About Us

Arrogance And Fear Prevent Us From Learning The Greatest Lesson Of All – It’s Not About Us

Put your ego aside for a moment and recognise you’re not the centre of the universe.

Take your time.

By recognising our insignificance, that we’re not unique in our struggles, pains, triumphs and joys. That our lens is ours and ours alone. That what matters to our ego is not what truly matters. And that these truths are shared by every human being on earth, we discover our why and our way in the universe…

…our true significance – how we can live to inspire and fight for what matters to all of us. That we’re all equal.

We’re challenged to do this each and every day, in every waking moment we exist, every interaction with ourselves, with our own minds whilst within the world around us. This universe in which we are programmed to believe we are the centre: that our opinion, perspective, feelings, wants, needs, desires, safety, hurt and happiness matter more.

It’s human nature. As a collective it’s easy to see, just look at how we consider ourselves special, the dominant species. How we decide for all other living things. Animals, nature, our planet…other humans – we rape and we pillage. Consume and destroy. We’re nothing but dictators, abusers, an indiscriminate virus intent on killing its host, and themselves with it.

The self-sabotaging stupidity of our arrogance and ego is evident. As is the reason for abandoning them.

Pursuing them is our own demise, the very destruction of what sustains life; animals, nature, the air we breath and water we drink. The land on which we live. The oceans in which we swim. Everything we love, need and that’s crucial to our survival – we destroy in the name of arrogance and ego.

For what?

Even now we do not stop, we do not shake it, shift our perspective, accept who we are and what we’re doing. Even now we don’t change. Because as a collective and as individuals we (the majority) believe ourselves to be the centre of the universe.

The only way to impact and inspire change in ourselves and others is to recognise our own insignificance. Then, perhaps, as a collective we can do what needs to be done.

For all life – both present and future.

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