Why Do I Think And Do The Way That I Do?
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Why Do I Think And Do The Way That I Do?

One of the greatest questions you’ll ever ask yourself.

Why do we think and feel the way we do? Make the choices we make? Have the opinions we do? Why do we love the way that we do? Like and dislike what we do? Treat ourselves and others the way that we do? Why do we get anxious, insecure, sad, angry, happy, confident, decisive, passionate…when we do? Why do we do anything the way that we do?

Without asking these questions, the mercy of our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and choices are left up to the what, why, where and when of programming, upbringing and the past – not us. We’re basically acting on impulse without really knowing why.

It’s been accepted that we’re 50% nature, 50% nurture. We often blame genetics for the parts disliked most. Yet being aware of what we dislike means we can change it. That it’s psychological, emotional, rather than genetic. It becomes a matter of accountability.

Shifting our perspective inward, we can better know who we are and where our thoughts, feelings and actions originate. If we don’t, we’re destined to repeat the same cycles – which may well not be serving our best interests without us even realising it – potentially f’in up our present and misdirecting our future.

Nobody wants that. So get to know you, ask uncomfortable questions within. It can be unsettling, even painful, but that’s okay, it’s just the process – it’s totally worth it.

Why? Because the reward is the here and now – it’s greater understanding, acceptance and self-assurance. It’s trust, vulnerability and safety all at once. It’s living and loving wholeheartedly – unshackled from past pain and future fear.

It’s happiness and inner peace that comes with hearing, trusting and following our hearts. The real us. Rather than the shackles our minds create to hold us back, under the guise of protection or what (we think) we know.

The heart knows what the mind never will. Have faith in yours – ask the question.

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