Who of us has the capacity to burden someone else’s hurt?
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Who of us has the capacity to burden someone else's hurt?

Who of us has the capacity to burden someone else’s hurt?

Nobody. That’s who. Life is complicated enough.

And it’s not our responsibility to heal others, anyone, even those we love. Nor is it our responsibility to accept any shitty behaviours as a result of what another human hasn’t healed for themselves.

Our only responsibility is us. To heal our own hurt and to show up, being the best human we can be each and every day – for our self. By doing so, we can do so for those around us too.

There are literally no excuses or exceptions. We all have hurt, all of us, it’s on us to heal so as not to burden others with it. That doesn’t mean don’t talk, don’t share, don’t open up – support is a huge part of any human relationship. It simply means take responsibility, the lead in being the boss of you.

If we were all accountable for ourselves the world would be a much brighter place for us all.

If you’re in a place where you cannot be your best self, or you feel that self is not valued – accept it, let go and move on. If that means leaving – leave. If it means staying – stay. Either way, do not diminish yourself by accepting anything that devalues your worth.

If you have unfinished business with your own hurt – do yourself a favour – be active in your healing, spend some quality time with your self, with your emotions, commit to unpacking that shit, practice some healthy self-care instead of unhealthy coping mechanisms. Get to know you and your hurt. Feel it. Stop expecting others to accept the shit that you ignore and avoid dealing with yourself.

You may think you have it under control, that it isn’t that bad and doesn’t project on others. You may think that people are too kind and empathetic or too stupid and naive to notice.

WAKE UP and pull yourself together – do not mistake other peoples love and kindness for weakness. Life is too short, their happiness and well-being is important to them, it should be important to you too.

Be accountable. You can’t heal what you won’t feel.

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