Who Am I? (To Trauma)
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Who Am I? (To Trauma)

Who Am I? (To Trauma)

I am the loved and the hated. The welcomed and the feared. The good and the bad. The hero and villain. The knight in shining armour and dragon in the tower. I am Mr Perfect and Mr Can’t Do Anything Right.

I am light and dark. I am hurt and healing. Those who loved and didn’t love you. I am held so tightly and allowed to slip through fingers.

I am your greatest ally and arch nemesis. Friend and foe. Lover and enemy. Abuser and victim. I am the security blanket and the hands around your neck.

I am craved and despised. I am strength and weakness. I am celebrated and belittled. Wanted and rejected. I am stability and shaky ground. Challenger and enabler.

I am belief and distrust. Acceptance and denial. Truth and lies. I am here and I’m not. I am worthy and worthless. Right and wrong. Open and closed. Your past and present.

I am your wildest dreams and darkest nightmares. I am guilt and shame. Joy and sadness. Loyal warrior and patsy. I am valued and discarded.

I am whatever you think, feel and perceive me to be.

I am you trauma. I am you.

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