When trying hard stops working, try easy
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When trying hard stops working, try easy

When trying hard stops working, try easy

Sounds an odd thing to say, because surely ‘easy’ would be the way to go from the outset right?

Things that are worth doing are hard because it means personal growth, but challenging ourselves always results in better in the long run. Even when there’s pain and struggle along the way (which there always is).

To try easy when hard isn’t working is an idea for when we’re stuck. When we’re mid-journey, at the point our capacity hits its limit. It means jabbing pause, having a kit-kat, breathing, doing something else to take your mind off whatever it is you’re trying to grow through. Practice some self-love, chill out, relax or break down, cry, shout…anything to flip your script and let go. Just for a sec.

Such breaks in thought process can feel out of reach, but they’re not, because they’re natural and human. We just need to listen to our body and relinquish control.

In our fight for survival, living, pursuit of happiness, healing and growth we can become controlled in our self by confusing our need to survive as our biggest priority. But this hinders the very things we truly want and need – authenticity, love, respect, connectivity, self-expression, peace of mind…

‘Try easy’ is a simple reminder to loosen our grip, let our hair down, change the subject or rest – so we can recognise that ‘control’ (our so-called ‘protector’) is the root of our discomfort and what’s actually holding us back and maybe ruining everything that actually matters to us.

We can perceive ‘control’ as the very thing we need and our basis for living. But it isn’t, it’s the counterproductive trick of trauma. That’s all control is. Ego at work. Fear at work. Abuse and hurt the result. Both of ourselves and others.

So when it feels too hard, don’t blame, don’t close up, don’t avoid, don’t tighten your grip and try for more control, just pause. Pause. And let go into being your self.

You will be seen, heard and felt, not only by those around you, but most importantly – by you.

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