We have to do what’s good for our soul
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We have to do what's good for our soul

We have to do what’s good for our soul

Follow your heart, see where it goes.

Wherever, however and with whomever you feel most comfortable, most at peace, most happy, most like your real self (I.e where you don’t have to make excessive effort/wear a mask) – do more of THAT.

We have to do what’s good for our soul.

In being your true self, you may feel uncomfortable at first, you may be disliked, you may be rejected, you may be told you’re causing hurt, you may even be abused, invalidated or hated. You will likely lose people. But why would you want people in your life that do not respect you enough to care about your feelings, your values or want you to feel comfortable, safe, at peace, happy and able to be who you really are?

Think about it. It’s your move.

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