The Only Thing Stopping You Is You
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The Only Thing Stopping You Is You

The Only Thing Stopping You Is You

Break that cycle, nullify that fear, silence those voices, crack your own damn whip.

Do the thing, ask the question, speak the truth, say yes, say no, get the support you need, heal your wounds, grow through your pain. Stop being stubborn, stop listening to your ego, your pride, your insecurities. Stop accepting the things you cannot, stop biting your tongue, stop sacrificing your self, set boundaries, hold people to account.

Tell that person how you feel, leave that toxic relationship, ditch that job that makes you miserable. Chase your dreams, follow your heart, do the things that fulfil your soul (if you don’t know what that is, find out).

Reach out, learn, listen. Be open, give love, accept love, let go of your past, express yourself, explore your desire, your passion, your creativity, your hurt, your joy.

Speak. Act. Move. Now. No excuses, just accountability for self. We get one life, that’s it, one. Live it.

The only person stopping you is you.

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