I’m Not Procrastinating, I’m Just Waiting To Be Inspired
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I’m Not Procrastinating, I’m Just Waiting To Be Inspired

Whilst chatting with my wise buddy down in SA, he casually dropped this comment. My brain stopped what it was doing and smiled.

So simple, yet so profound, a beautifully positive fliparoo on a commonly shared and (perceived) negative intrusion in our minds. The act of procrastination is a subconscious avoidance tactic, something we can all do and can often leaves us feeling negative about self. The longer we procrastinate the worse we feel it seems.

Instead of the dread and guilt from feeling we’re not ‘doing’, wasting time by avoiding something challenging for us, we feel positive instead. We accept our current state of mind, forgive ourselves, allowing the negative intrusions to pass through us.

It’s simply grounding us in our awareness of what’s going on.

Whilst you could argue this is denial at work or justifying our avoidance. It’s simply self-awareness and using positive thinking to reduce the negative impact procrastination often has. It shines a light on the opportunity for free-will over what comes next. Rather than being controlled by our subconscious intrusions.

But waiting for what exactly? Some miracle to happen? For those periods of avoidance and demotivation to simply disappear?


The idea that we’re waiting to feel inspired suggests the opportunity to do something more in-line with our best interests, our joy and happiness at heart.

‘Waiting to be inspired’ puts the ball firmly in our court. If we can be *present* in our procrastination we’re suddenly gifted with choice and opportunity to inspire *ourselves*. We can fill the procrastination void far quicker by doing something that actually boosts our happiness, distracting us from whatever it is driving our procrastination.

We can then tackle what we avoid with confidence and will rather than ‘Oh well, I can’t put it off any longer’. Simply because we’re in a better frame of mind. Sure, we can fight with the intrusive thoughts and ‘do’ regardless. This idea simply presents an alternative, an opportunity to feel some good vibes.

I hope this inspires you, as it did me.

(Thanks Tim)

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