How authentic are you?
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How authentic are you?

How authentic are you?

How do you feel hearing that?

Are you self-assured in it, aware of when, where and how authentic you are? Or is the fragility of ego starting to trip and inject some much needed cognitive dissonance to protect you?

We can test our authentic self, which comes down to those all important people in life we call friends.

Friends are arguably the most important people to us. It’s where we’re most comfortable, most ourselves, sharing laughter and joy with each other, our souls, opinions and feels. We’re there for each other through thick and thin, and there’s been an abundance of both.

Friends are lifelines, shoulders and ears in times of need. They remind us of who we are, our strength and worth. Great friends are honest and loyal to each other. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for or say. Calling each other out on their shit when it’s what we need to hear. They know our flaws, when we’re wrong, when we’re missing something or being unreasonable, and they aren’t afraid to tell us.

It’s a mutual thing, 50/50 respect. Regardless of how long it’s been, it’s a relationship that only grows. They love us and we love them. And as we know, love challenges us. It’s what it does. Friends are where we go when we need the hard truth – not a pat on the head. It’s for these reasons that they’re priceless, our chosen family.

So what’s the test? It’s pretty simple really – How honest are you with friends?

Do you tell them everything – your part, what you said and did? Or do you blame, bitch, gossip and deflect in another direction simply to have your ego stroked?

We all need support, but ‘supporters’ are not helpful to us or the things we need support with. It prevents growth and our ability to have authentic relationships with self, friends, partners…it’s our honesty and accountability that allows for such things to happen.

If we don’t show people all of us, they won’t understand us and not be able to support us. It’s on us to find ‘our people’ by showing our full self, so that we’re truly seen, heard, felt, understood, supported and loved.

The best relationships are real. So be authentic.

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