Don’t Blame Love
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Don't blame love

Don’t Blame Love

We all have limits, Monsters do too.

Love has nothing to do with it, love knows no limits, it’s never up for debate or coming into question. Trauma can try, but it’ll fail, it will realise the error in its ways. That mistaking Monster love for weakness is just that, its mistake.

In life, we do our best at the time. There’s always more we can do, other choices to make, other directions in which to go, in which to grow, to free ourselves from traumas grip.

Sometimes, sadly, even if it’s the last thing in this world we want, we make choices that go against what our love seems to suggest. Not because we do not have love coursing through our veins, but because we do. Because love needs to breath, to be seen and heard. If it can’t, if it’s muffled or denied by trauma, it finds a way by itself, one way or another, to show itself.

It isn’t love that prevents living, it’s trauma. It isn’t love that holds us back, it’s trauma. It isn’t love that hurts, it’s trauma. It isn’t love that creates fear, anxiety, doubt, sadness or depression – it’s trauma. It isn’t us, it isn’t even them, it’s trauma.

Love is self, it’s life. Certainty, kindness, warmth, strength and safety. Trauma is unsure, cruel, lonesome, cold and unforgiving. It’s the destruction to loves creation.

Leaving behind that or those we love is an act of love. It doesn’t mean love is no longer there, that it forgets, that it doesn’t care, that we give up on it. It simply means that was an unsafe place for love. A place rejecting of it. Fearful of it.

We can’t force love. We cannot force ourselves to know, feel, nurture and accept it. We can only love. And with that, hope to create an environment that’s a little less traumatic, a little less toxic, so we can all find love within ourselves and for those around us.

Where trauma roams love will always challenge and fight to eradicate it. But our love alone cannot achieve this. Loves beauty is in its share-ability, it’s capacity to go viral…to change the world. Sometimes we need to accept it can’t (yet).

When things don’t feel good, don’t go how you wanted, don’t blame love.

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