Do Monsters Really Exist?
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Do Monsters really exist?

Do Monsters Really Exist?

Monsters do exist, but they’re not hiding under our bed waiting to get us when we fall asleep.

They’re hiding in our subconscious and the subconscious of everyone else. And they’re not all friendly, but you know that, you’re human too.

When pondering Monsters next move, I figured it was time to write about more positive shit, something lighter, brighter and happier, something that can bring some much needed smiles to the world, because we need a break from trauma and all it brings from time to time.

Our healing is ongoing, it kinda always is. It’s a daily pursuit for us all for one reason or another, one we mustn’t take our eye off for a second, because within that second, we open the door for trauma to rear its fugly head.

Sometimes in life we’re surprised, kicked into check by unexpected things. Sometimes by other traumas or tragedies, it’s strange how that works. More pressing matters take over, distracting us from our current trials and tribulations, paling them (albeit briefly perhaps) into insignificance, reminding us of what’s actually important – love, and each other.

Hold on to those moments.

We can of course slip back into old patterns if we don’t hold tightly enough, or too tightly for that matter. As tragic or beautiful as they may be, these moments are important enough to smack us upside the head and have us step-up when it counts, whether or not it was received as intended, we knew, because we felt it.

We felt that pull, that yank from the bottom of whatever hole we were in, to this moment, with the potential for growth, for better. We were there, all present, all together, our authentic self shining through. And we acted.

As much as the circumstances of our rejuvenation may have sucked harder than a presidential secretary, we still found joy in feeling like ourselves again. Feeling anything else again. Even if it was a new kind of challenge.

Because it reminds us of life, of who we are and gives us hope, a line to a life beyond our pre-existence. Hold on to those moments, to love, to self, to others – to what matters. Let go the rest.

There’s positivity and happiness in that right?

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