Despite what people may have taught you, relationships aren’t that difficult
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Despite what people may have taught you, relationships aren't that difficult

Despite what people may have taught you, relationships aren’t that difficult

Relationships are simple: honest dialogue and mutual respect. That’s pretty much it. Everything else stems from there.

If we all approached relationships this way it would save a lot of time, hurt, trauma and bullshit – which if you added all that up would make the world a better place, with far less stress, heartbreak, anxiety, fearful egos…and most likely less break-ups as a result.

Is that really too much to ask of us? Human nature seems to think so.

We’re all imperfect beings right? At various stages of our personal ‘journey’, healing and growth in maturity – of course we need to listen, accept, forgive, have patience, empathy and understanding. Of course there will be disagreements, arguments and compromises. Of course there will be parts of us we need to grow in and out of as we integrate with other human beings – because we need to get along and belong. Honesty and respect should be a default beneath and within all that.

We can offer our love and passion to those around us, on the off chance of building something more meaningful and mutually fulfilling. Whilst these are often marketed as the most wonderful aspects of our physical human existence (with other people), they’re not enough by themselves. Our emotional experience is of equal, if not more value.

To commit to, maintain and flourish within relationships we all require honesty (inc. with self) and respect so we can build trust, connection, reliability, consistency and emotional *safety*. Our love can guide us, even make us grip on and fight longer than we perhaps should at times, but love isn’t enough without the basics.

So if you choose anything in life, if you’re fed up of the same old dramas, hurt from banging your head against an imaginary brick wall, exhausted from clinging on or not feeling enough, choose to be respectful and honest with yourself and those around you. Often the basics are the simplest of solutions and what we find is missing when the overwhelm is too much to bare.

Do the basics. Worth a shot…right?

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