An Open Letter To All
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An open letter to all

An Open Letter To All

We’re our own judges, jurors and executioners.

We’re human. We will not always practice what we preach. We won’t always say or do in a language that others (even those we love) will hear or understand.

But we must act, must speak our truth regardless. Through gritted teeth if required. Whilst sometimes a necessary act of kindness, we cannot always bite our tongue in sacrifice of ourselves.

We will meet trauma many times, in ourselves, in other people. We’ll feel its judgment, jury and punishment. How others fear and insecurity pushes us away, and how ours holds us back. We won’t always be the good one, the strong one, the right one, the calm one, the got-our-shit-together one.

All of us can and do, royally fuck things up.

But we can, knowing we’re human, that our intentions are good and our efforts enough – always hold our heads high and our hearts secure in the face of adversity.

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