A monster says; please don’t…
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A monster says; please don't...

A monster says; please don’t…

Please don’t assume you know what’s best for me, what I’m thinking, how I’m feeling and why. Especially when I’ve told you.

Please don’t neglect your self-worth. If you do, you’ll be vulnerable to the attention and influence of others, putting yourself (and us) at risk.

Please don’t play games, try to control, manipulate or emotionally blackmail me. I notice.

Please don’t lie and think I don’t know. I do. It insults my intelligence and is the quickest way to lose my trust. Which is then on you to earn back (if I choose to give you that chance). Save us both the heartache and just be honest…oh, and don’t make out it’s ‘for my protection’ either, when we both know it’s for your own.

Please don’t blame me and bypass your own guilt and accountability when I challenge you on your behaviour.

Please don’t dismiss or diminish my boundaries, needs and values. Invalidating me and starving me of respect will have consequences that neither of us want.

Please don’t gossip behind my back (or deliberately in a way you know I’ll hear you). It’s incredibly unattractive and disrespectful. If you have something to say, say it to my face.

Please don’t punish me by projecting your past hurt and anger. I wasn’t there, it has nothing to do with me. Heal or direct that shit toward those responsible. Remember where you are, who you are and who you’re with. Before it’s too late.

Please don’t show the world we have one thing whilst leaving out the rest. It makes a villain out of me, a fool of you and prevents us from actually having something wonderful together.

Please don’t use insecurity against me. You know how to hurt me, so when you do it feels vindictive.

Please don’t avoid. It puts the burden of your issues, mine and ours on me which is not my responsibility alone.

Be real and honest. Open, authentic, loyal and accountable. I will do the same for you. It’ll save us a lot of time, which at this stage in my life I value more than anything. Above all, do not mistake my kindness for weakness, you have no idea what it takes to be me. If you keep any of the aforementioned up…

Thank you.

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